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Wanderlust Hearted

Hi y’all!

Can’t believe it’s been 5 months, this is what has happened:

  1. My husband and I have started a life on the road! We left Idaho a month ago,  and have been enjoying all Washington has to offer.
  2. During my away period I managed a Sallys Beauty supply! Future posts will reflect what I loved and learned there!
  3. My love of book art has taken off,  ordering and shipment only $30, and it’s been a hit.
  4. Something small,  but a big difference… My hair is now purple!!

Of course so many smaller events have taken place,  but that’s a quick summary! Can’t wait to fill y’all in with the road trip,  living in an RV full time and the newest creations of my book art!

Set up a PayPal.me store,  alike gofundme but they don’t charge fees. Currently using it as my online register!

To order book art please e-mail: toytownlis@gmail.com

Donations and oders payable at: PayPal.me/andyandellie



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